Aerial & Satellite

For over 20 years, our team have been working with Sky TV and Aerial installers in the UK and overseas, supplying them with our ladder safety systems and training. 

We first worked on a field trial with Sky in 1999, gaining feedback from every department. Engineers, Trainers, Supply Chain and Safety Professionals all contributed, resulting in a ladder safety system that allowed installers to do their job safely and securely.  

Over the years we have gained invaluable experience supporting these clients and their Industry Safety Bodies and although some adjustments have been made, we continue to supply the same system to this sector today, setting an Industry benchmark for safe Aerial & Satellite Installs. 

Our comprehensive range of products and training, supports typical applications including: 

  • Installing or accessing Aerials, Dishes  
  • Cable runs. 
  • Un boarded loft installs 
  • Specialist Engineer Kit & Training 

Whether you’re working on a leaning ladder, roof ladder, flat roof or in an un boarded loft we can provide a simple, safe solution. 

Please contact our team for further information on the Kits and Training Options.