Managed Services

As a leader in ladder safety systems, we take our responsibility for safety very seriously by ensuring that we not only provide quality products, but they are safe and fit for purpose.  

Our products are supported by extensive test data and supporting evidence, which has been compiled over many years at government test facilities and via real-life on-site testing. We are driven by constant review and industry specific requirements, so we can confirm before any product is released to the market that it is safe and fit for purpose. This means that we can provide all our clients regardless of size, with the confidence that they are buying the safest product for their business and employees. 

Visit our resources page to review an example of the type of testing we carry out.

Equipment inspection

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations – PPE states: – 

 Every employer shall ensure that any personal protective equipment provided to his employees is maintained (including replaced or cleaned as appropriate) in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair. 

Rarely are your employees at more risk than when working at height, so the condition of your height safety equipment is vital. Whilst we promote via our training the importance of user inspection, this is no substitute for the more formal periodic inspection required by legislation. 

Using our experience team of inspectors supported by our manufacturing partner, we can address all your inspection requirements and create an inspection regime where you can be assured of your legislative compliance, whilst giving you peace of mind that your equipment has been recertificated. 

Alternatively, is you wish to develop the competence to become an inspector yourself, check out our PPE Equipment Inspection Course. More details can be found under Training & Development. 

Client Designed Systems

Having partnered alongside some of the UK’s largest Companies, we understand that everyone’s business is different and changes to the equipment design is sometimes required to meet company objectives as well as getting the job done safely. 

At Tetra we work closely with our clients to meet their needs by utilising our experienced team incorporating our UK manufacturers, to enable us to make bespoke adjustments or changes to the supplied equipment.  

Should you need further support or guidance our working at height team are always around to help. 

Our Trusted Manufacturing Partner

All our products are produced and assembled by hand in the UK and are manufactured and tested to all applicable BS & EN standards. For traceability our products are supplied with an EU Declaration of Conformity, are Tetra branded and are clearly marked with batch and serial numbers to support the inspection process.  

Our manufacturing partner not only manufactures the webbing onsite, but controls the complete manufacturing process, which means you can be sure of a quality product delivered every time. Working closely with their technical team we have also managed to secure extended life span on all our webbing products enabling our customer to reduce that replacement plan without compromising safety.