Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Tetra?

Tetra are a safety company first and foremost. We employ over 100 people in our business, specialising in various safety activities – see & We are not just a company who will provide you with some generic components from a catalogue. Everything we produce has been developed, tested, discussed, debated, and trialled by the end users of each industry. Having the products produced here in the UK, means we can do that quickly and the quality of finished item is guaranteed.

Who do Tetra work with?

Tetra work with, and supply our systems to everyone from sole traders through to the largest ladder users in the UK who not only have, 10, 100’s, 1000’s of systems, but 10,000’s of our systems. To date we work with over 2000 + companies and have produced in excess
of 80,000 kits along with comprehensive training and testing programs to ensure the safe use of all our systems and equipment. 

Should shock packs be fitted to the systems?

No. At the very beginning 1999 – 2002 we supplied fall arrest packs with the rope grab, but then realised we’d increased the potential fall distance, and on repeated testing, we couldn’t generate enough force to tear any webbing out, so that was removed. As recently as 2021 we’ve even developed tear packs that pull at 3Kn, but again, the forces generated by a fall on our systems wasn’t enough to tear that webbing either, even with our maximum load 136Kg dummy.

Can I talk to someone in Tetra about your ladder systems?

Yes, If anyone would like to discuss the Tetra ladder systems, safe use, our
training options, typical applications etc please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01773 606373 or

 We pride ourselves on providing safe, simple, high quality products, but the products are only one part of the experience. We concentrate as much effort in supporting our clients with a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, customer service, sales & training team.

Why is the Cowstail Lanyard Adjustable in length?

The cowstail is adjustable, based on feedback from our end users. They asked for it to be adjustable so it could:

1. Suit the different heights of the end user,

2. Shorten it, to reduce the potential fall distance ( the cowstail is used as a secondary means of fall protection and to stop users over reaching in alignment with LA455).

3. Increase the length, so it can be hooked over the top rung of a ladder, again although that sounds counter intuitive, it reduces the fall distance and ability to overreach. Again this detail is applied to every component, researched, discussed, trialled and supplied.

Can the Tetra system be used on an unsecured ladder?

No, if a secure fixing cannot be established, then the Tetra ladder systems should not be used, and an alternative safe access method should be sought.

Do you have to drill holes every time the ladder is moved?

No, with our 6 mtr Triangulation straps, the ladder can be moved across a property with only 2 holes. See Triangulation process.

Can your systems be used by a lone worker?

Yes, The Tetra ladder safety systems are designed to be used by lone workers. However, certain tasks can work more effectively with two person teams.

Can Tetra systems be used on any ladder?

Tetra ladder safety systems have been tested with the majority of most manufacturers industrial ladders. We would only recommend the use of our system with EN131 professional, previous EN131 Trade / Industrial aluminium ladders with a minimum rating of 150Kg, Class 1 Aluminium or Glass Fibre Ladders used in the utility industry which exceed the 150KG standard. Please contact us for advice on telescopic ladders.

Short duration / Maximum time on ladders in one position?

Once ladders have been selected through a risk assessment, as the most appropriate access equipment, In LA455 it states that ladders must only be used for short duration low risk tasks in one position for 30 mins. 30 minutes comes from the ladders project team at the HSE timing how long it takes to paint a window.

Is there a maximum height for ladders?

There is no maximum height for using a ladder, where a ladder rises 9 metres or more above its base, landing areas or rest platforms should be provided at suitable intervals.

The tested height of the Tetra system is 6 metres, after which we recommend the usage of a secondary eyebolt. To ensure this is clearly communicated the following statement is included within both our candidate and instructor training material.

What is the optimum position for the ladder bolt?

The optimum position for the bolt is between waist and shoulder height.

Can you use Tetra systems on a property with external wall insulation?

Yes, see low level fixing process.

Does the ladder rung need to be EN795 rated?

No, The ladder rung is not an EN795 rated anchor, and is not manufactured to be a fall arrest anchor, but conversely, we are not subjecting the rung / anchor to the forces an EN795 anchor must achieve.

Having supplied ladder safety systems for over 20 + years, this is a regular question and challenge. Our clients Safety Professionals, Independent Height Safety Professionals, Industry Safety Groups, HSE Principal Inspectors, British Standards & the Ladder Manufacturers have all quite rightly asked the same questions over the years, and for each and every question and challenge, we’ve been able to take them through the equipment selection criteria, the background to a components design, the safe use and testing process for each and every item.

Do all Ladder manufacturers industrial class ladders perform the same? 

No, we know from experience, manufacturers ladders and their manufacturing process’s differ, as does the strength of their stiles and rungs.

So can we assume every ladder rung will withstand the loads of a person falling a short distance on the Tetra systems

No, there are many variables in this answer, which is why we test our systems on as many Industrial class ladders as we possibly can. The condition of the ladder is also critical, which is why we not only offer training on the safe use of our ladder systems, but we also offer ladder user and inspection training.

Can I fall on your systems?

Yes, if used incorrectly and not following the safe working process’ detailed in our training, you can fall a short distance of around 160mm.

However, even in the worst case scenario falls where we’ve replicated the user mis-using the system so badly they end up inverted, the rungs stays in place.

Can you prove the rung stays in place after a fall?

Yes. Tetra have in place, sufficient competence to ensure alignment to all applicable legislation, and extensive supporting evidence to confidently prove our products and systems are safe for all our clients. If you look in the Videos section of the website, you’ll see our systems being tested with a variety of different manufacturers ladders for sale in the UK & Ireland today. Tetra invest a huge amount of time, effort and money every year testing our products on new and used ladders from various manufacturers, on our purpose built test rig. We invite the manufacturers, the clients and independent witness’ along to the testing sessions. As an example, we’ve completed 7 x different test days so far ( June 2022 ) so far this year, all with different ladder manufacturers products subjected to worst case scenario dynamic falls, with 100, 120 & 136KG Test Dummy.

Tetra also have ladder manufacturers rungs independently pulled to destruction so we know the safe work parameters for each ladder and manufacturer. Those results vary by manufacturer and production method, so that testing is ongoing and commercially sensitive. No other company commits to this level of detail, testing and development of supporting evidence.

Is there a maximum weight limit for a person using a Tetra system?

Yes – 136kg / 21 stone 5 lbs / 299 lbs

Do you offer a different sized harnesses?

Yes – See size guides for both Male and Female here:

MALE Harness size guide

FEMALE Harness size guide

Can you use Tetra systems on a property with external wall insulation?

Yes – See the low level fixing process in videos

For properties where the EWI in installed down to the ground, please click below for advice:

EWI Material – Swifix Throughbolt PDF

EWI Anchor Installation PDF

If you have any more questions, please get in touch.