Height Safety Equipment

Height safety is of paramount importance in today’s safety conscious environment, which is why we pride ourselves on providing high quality height safety equipment for businesses who use ladders for access or carry out general working at height.  

Working closely with our UK equipment supplier whilst supporting our clients with the latest developments in safety systems and solutions, we have established a network which enables us to deliver a first-class service and provide equipment that increases productivity and reduce costs without compromising safety.   

We understand when implementing a new safety system, it can present various challenges, that’s why we always aim to provide an unbiased opinion to all our clients by guiding them through our systems and addressing their objections. We work alongside our clients to ensure we develop long-term working relationships and are always on hand where follow up support or advice is needed. 

Leaning Ladder Kit

Leaning & Roof Ladder Kit

Flat Roof Kit

Triangulation Kit

Additional Components

Our Trusted Manufacturing Partner

All our products are produced and assembled by hand in the UK and are manufactured and tested to all applicable BS & EN standards. For traceability our products are supplied with an EU Declaration of Conformity, are Tetra branded and are clearly marked with batch and serial numbers to support the inspection process.  

Our manufacturing partner not only manufactures the webbing onsite, but controls the complete manufacturing process, which means you can be sure of a quality product delivered every time. Working closely with their technical team we have also managed to secure extended life span on all our webbing products enabling our customer to reduce that replacement plan without compromising safety.