Additional Components

Ladder Standoffs

The Ladderlite standoffs are easy and quick to install, increasing lateral stability and contact grip. We offer various types covering stabilisation for pitched roof access, corner positioning and against buildings & structures.


The use of the crawlboards enables an operative to distribute their weight to allow safe travel within un boarded loft areas and across flat roofs. They can also be used under a ladder to prevent damage to a flat roof surface.

Ladder Mats

Laddermats provide a firm, level and anti-slip base for your ladder and can be used on indoor and external surfaces.

Hard Hats

Lightweight Linesman’s helmet with quick release four-point chin strap and reduced peak for improved visibility when climbing or working from a ladder.

Anchor Bolts

Removeable anchor bolts available in 12mm and 20mm diameter. The 12mm is used as a temporary installation for securing your ladder and the 20mm is used in conjunction with the flat roof kit to achieve a work restraint safety system.

Drill Bits

SDS Drill Bits available in 12.5mm and 20mm to align with the sizing of the anchor bolts.

Drill Bandolier

Bandolier to connect equipment for the operative to maintain three points of contact when climbing the ladder and to prevent the risk of a falling object.

Looped Slings

Multi-purpose 5 & 7 looped slings for connection to poles and structures where anchor bolts cannot be installed.

Parking Loops

Parking loops for attachment to harness for safe and secure connection of equipment when not in use.