Alternative Anchor Training

We rounded off our test programme for 2023 with 3 days of alternative anchor testing, at our purpose built test facilities.

The objective was to confirm the compatibility of 5 x different anchor solutions with the Tetra Ladder systems. The anchors would be used in scenarios where our standard ladder tie bolts couldn’t be fitted.

The 5 anchors successfully tested include:

  • Magnet lifter for steel structures / truck / cabin access.
  • Water filled counterweight anchor
  • Traditional portable counterweight anchor
  • An eyebolt produced specifically to fit through External Wall Insulation.
  • Further testing of the Pro Vacuum Lifter, in multiple scenarios

At the same time we accommodated the further testing of lone worker alarms

On test days, we invite our clients, the manufacturers and other interested parties to attend.

It not only ensures our clients can witness the test results for themselves, but gives Safety professionals from different industries an opportunity to network in an informal environment.

As a safety company first and foremost, building on our extensive supporting evidence has always been at the heart of our business.

As we develop our offer in International markets, 2024 will no doubt bring further test requests, and we’ll look forward to it and meeting all involved.