Our Trusted UK Manufacturing Partner

As a leader in ladder safety systems, we take our responsibility for safety very seriously by ensuring that we not only provide quality products, but they are safe and fit for purpose. 
Within our ladder systems we use a variety of fall protection equipment to achieve a safe working solution for working on portable ladders. This is driven by constant review and industry specific requirements. Before any product is released to the market we can provide all our clients with the confidence that they are buying the safest product for their business and employees. 

All our products are produced and assembled by hand in the UK and are manufactured and tested where available to the relevant BS/EN standard. Where additional equipment is incorporated that falls outside these standards as a responsible business, we carry out dynamic and static testing to ensure all components supplied are fit for purpose. For traceability our products are Tetra branded and are clearly marked with batch and serial numbers to support the inspection process.  

We’ve worked with our UK Manufacturing partner for 20+ years, as they not only manufacture the webbing on site, but also control the complete manufacturing process, which means we can be sure of delivering a quality product every time.